“The last 20 years had been marked by continued escalation in defense spending, increases in force sizes, and a combination of brinksmanship and proxy wars by first world powers. Looking back through the records historians now commonly state the war started when the uneasy peace was broken by a single explosion killing a series of diplomats in Kosovo which became the flashpoint to start a chain reaction leading to the largest global conflict ever fought. NATO and other democratic western nations were blindsided as the conflict escalated and the Red Bloc was formed on five continents.” 


DEFCON ZERO is an ultra modern realistic combat game which you will find to have challenging tactical situations and exciting game play.  A tactical tabletop war game fully supported by amazing miniatures, models, templates, and scenery for your table top.

DEFCON ZERO Infantry advancingPlayed with two or more players, your factions are in conflict on amazing battlefields with you representing the commander and their subordinate military force. Battles can be small squad level skirmishes to larger engagements with reinforced companies of forces.

DEFCON ZERO Building ClearingThe battles are brutal. Your firefights are with weapons which match the real ranges and capabilities. The engagements are also paired with some amazing scenario mission systems to create exciting tactical level fog of war for each player. Balancing your force's capabilities are key to tactical flexibility!

A Points system is in place to keep games balanced… at least when the scenario calls for it. Symmetric and Asymmetric engagements spanning the full spectrum of tactical combat are possible.

You get to help make this game amazing!

DEFCON ZERO Game TestWe are looking for input from players in our special closed beta test. DEFCON ZERO and our range of miniatures supporting it are developed thanks to a lot of feedback we already collected from many of you over the last two years. If your hobby is collecting, building, painting, or playing games then your testing and feedback comments could impact future of the game, the miniatures, the factions, and background of what is to come as the war grows and more nation states and non-state actors are pulled into the war.

Factions Already with Miniatures and growing!

The United States

Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO US ForcesThe global bastion of freedom, democracy, free market economies, and the nation with the most capable military force on earth. Their military has become battle hardened after over two decades of armed conflict.  Pulled into the war almost immediately following a series of surprise attacks abroad and within it's borders. The re-institution of the two front war as part of defense policy and increased defense spending to match has helped to ensure the U.S. Military is able to respond and deliver the fight to the enemy.

The Russian Federation

Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO Russian Federation Weathered FlagThe oligarchy led government has been a fine balance of brutality and sophistication in the complex world. After embarking on a military modernization program and increases in force size for the last 15 years have only emboldened them. With global economies in disarray the Federation after feeling its back was to the wall was able to put all the puzzle pieces into position and strike first. 

The New Caliphate

Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO the new caliphate flagThe New Caliphate rose from the ashes of a beaten and dismantled ISIS much as ISIS rose from a brutalized Al Quida. Even more brutal and radicalized the group is highly effective with institutionalized training from hardened soldiers and fighters radicalized to their cause. Well funded and equipped the New Caliphate are fighting on almost every continent with the power and effectiveness usually reserved for a nation state attempting to carve out their own radicalized idea of a utopian society often at the expense of the unfortunate people they lord over. 

Factions in Development


The United Kingdom

Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO weathered UK flagThe United Kingdom has a rich military tradition and continues to punch above its weight even now after the war kicked off. With a solid force projection capability the Island Fortress nation is fighting a series of actions abroad and dealing with threats at home. The people of the UK show their mettle and have taken drastic actions to ensure the fighting forces are able to keep the pressure on at the front.

The Middle East Coalition™

A group of nations in the Middle East and North Africa have come together to form an allied group against the new Pan-Persian Empire after it annexed southern Iraq and laid siege to Baghdad. Banded together by common heritage, and shared hatred of their foes they fight for scarce resources and to rid their lands of all outsiders. Equipped with a series of increasing modern capabilities the Middle East Coalition has fought a hard action to stop encroachment and attempt to take back their territory.

The Pan-Persian Empire™

Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO Pan-Persian EmpireAfter a series of violent annexes of territory the republic of Iran has become the Pan-Persian Empire and continues to have its eyes on more territory as the fight continues across the middle east against the Middle East Coalition, the United States of Kurdistan, and the New Caliphate.


Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO Flag of CanadaThe Canadian military has always been small, but its forces have fought ferociously and courageously in the war as part of the NATO efforts in several fronts including their northern homeland. Well equipped and with some forces hardened from combat experience in Afghanistan the Canadians are able to fight and move with the best of forces.


Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO German FlagGermany as a nation suffered brutal attacks in the first few months of the war. One of the first nations attacked directly and simultaneously as the Baltics to the north were overrun and Poland was cut in half by the advancing Red Bloc forces. German forces were able to marshall and retained most of their combat power while making the enemy bleed for every inch with a series of spoiling attacks, ambushes, heroic counter attacks all to slow the advance, and save as many of its people as it could. 


Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO France FlagAfter the initial attacks on their lands as well as their hearts the French have been fighting. A patriotic swelling among their native people as much for pride in what it means to be French as  for preservation against a terrible foe. Their forces are independent and very capable as a modern force with their military and also the famed Foreign Legions the French proudly fight in several fronts. 


Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO Poland FlagThe courage of the Polish military has become legend after fighting overwhelming odds and even forcing a few withdrawals temporarily of the massive armies pouring over the borders. If not for the initial heroic actions of a few units in the first hours of the war, it is likely Germany and France would have been unable to get into positions as effectively to slow the defense.  

Australia and New Zealand

Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO Australia FlagThe forces of Australia and New Zealand are here to fight, and they are angry after the horrifying attacks against their country and their people. Thankfully they were able to follow through to expand their 2020 plan early and were able to build up forces much needed for the fight ahead.

The Peoples Republic of China

Covert Intervention Games DEFCON ZERO Peoples Republic of China flagThe Peoples Republic of China observing an opportunity of a world distracted in the west or in coordination with the rest of the Red Bloc partners launched a series of attacks on several fronts from earlier aggressive positioning and seized territories from several nations to gain valuable resources and show the world it's new found might. The largest Army in the world which has been embarking on its own modernization efforts from whatever it could develop or steal from other countries has risen and now projects power to take what it wants.