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The Federation of Terran Nations or FTN, is the central Government of Earth and its Colonies.

The FTN is made up by the  Federal Central Core (with its own Fleet, Navy, Infantry and Security Service) and National Military units.

The FCC holds power over all Nations and Colonies by a use of subversion, bribery and fear. Each Nation and Colony has its own unique Military with national flavour, this military is subseviant to the FCC. 

FTN controlled areas are generally well off with decent standards of living and although dystopian and authoritarian most citizens are happy to serve under the FCC due to the external threats from the Hives as well as the Unruled.

The primary aim of the FTN is to erradicate the Hives from their systems, search and destroy hive seeds in space and locate the home world threat of the Hive. To do so the FTN need to replace the lost population as fast as possible and are starting to look into previously illegal methods...


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