Welcome to Elhiem Figures.

Elhiem Figures prides itself on our high quality range of metal miniatures representing historical and fantasy fighting forces including the 20th Century and beyond. 

Our ranges are growing monthly and are some of the most comprehensive you can find.

The scale we work at is 1/72 (20mm). This can be used in any game system designed for 20mm, 28mm or 15mm and is well supported with thousands of model kits and terrain available. 

Most of our miniatures are 1/72 scale (20mm in wargame sizes) cast in white metal (unsuitable for children), unpainted and may require assembly of small parts.  However our 3D files can be resized for any scale within reason.

Orders are cast to order and can take up between 1 week and two months to ship (depending on size of order and how busy we are). Please contact us if you are concerned.

PLEASE NOTE FIGURES ARE SUPPLIED UNPAINTED and should not be given to Children

If you get an email from ourselves, it will ONLY be a receipt for a bill, part of our mailing list or a reply to a question that you have asked, any other emails pretending to be from Elhiem are most likely from 3rd party SPAM using our name and should be deleted. If in doubt, contact us via Facebook or via email

Any problems with the site or the order process please use the feedback or contact us forms. 

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Matt (Elhiem)

LTD17 Special Forces with attack dog
Painted example of LTD17 SEAL

Elhiem Ltd is operated part time by a small number of staff.